Loss of Inner Serenity

by Kelly Jayne Jones





Kelly Jayne Jones is a performance-, installation-, sound- and musical artist active for the past decade-and-a-half in the worlds of experimental and freely-improvised music. Possessed of supernatural intuition and sensitivity as an improviser, her compositions – indelibly informed by her sound art investigations – often utilise her foremost instrument, the flute, as well as acousmatic sound and the sonic potential inherent in the world around us, most prominently in her use of rocks as a sound source.

This release – an all-too-rare solo physical-media outing – consists of one highly atmospheric 35-minute track of flute, field recordings, rocks and spoken words. Recorded in an unnamed reverberating earth space (we will leave the location to the listener's wildest imaginative flights), 'Loss of Inner Serenity', through it's use of flute bursts – sometimes melodious and sometimes drone-textural; of 'silence' as dynamic sonic strategy (in as much as we can ever escape the presence of biological, mechanical and natural sound); and of semi-abstracted text-reading (performed mostly by Hannah Ellul, whose own artist CV includes, amongst much other cool stuff, collaborating with Ms Jones in the duo White Death) invites considerations regarding the nature of performance, ideas around intrusive/invited listening, and meditations on the contradictions and tensions involved in human emotional experience in an uncaring and/or benevolent physical ecosystem.


released May 2, 2018

Mastered by Jac Beloeil


all rights reserved



Early Music Stockholm, Sweden

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